2010 California Biennial Residencies
October 2010 – January 2011
Orange County Museum of Art

Finishing School (Brian Boyer, Ed Giardina, Joel Helfin,
Joel Plapp, and James Rojsirvat)
Orange County Museum of Art and Venice, Italy
October 2010 - June 2011

The activist collective Finishing School, turned their 2010 biennial gallery space into a production set and invited museum visitors to act in their film, 54. They also recruited museum visitors to travel to Italy during for the opening of the 2011 La Biennale di Venezia and filmed on location. The resulting film critiqued large-scale global exhibitions, the socio-political systems that control them and their affect art, artists, audiences and culture.
LA Urban Rangers Residency
Vista Trail Hike

Downtown Los Angeles
January 29, 2011

LA Urban Rangers took Orange County residents on an informative walking tour to explore the “nature” of downtown’s canyons (streets), meadows (plazas) and mountains (skyscrapers). They invited participants to: “Hike the Downtown L.A. trails and explore the ecology of public spaces in the elusive civic heart of our favorite megalopolis. Ascend the peaks of the Bunker Hill financial district, and enjoy the high-altitude public easements on all the corporate meadows.”
2010_CA_Biennial_Cover 1500px Artist Interviews for 2010 California Biennial

I conducted interviews with three artists who I had known previously from San Francisco to discuss their works in the biennial: Rebecca Goldfarb’s large scale installation of found objects and monochrome photographs; Will Rogan’s conceptual, serial photographs of mundane signs in the urban landscape and John Zurier’s new paintings from his Finnish skyscapes and his Night series.

Download a pdf of the artist interviews here
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