SMMAP.BrayCleator2jpgSanta Monica Artists Projects Series
1990 – 1998
Santa Monica Museum of Art

Following the inaugural installation series Art in the Raw, Frank Gehry renovated the 8,000 square foot Edgemar Dairy space and when it reopened in 1990, Santa Monica Museum of Art hired me to be the first Director of Programs.

We continued the program of site-specific installations and performances as the Santa Monica Museum of Art Artists Project Series. Including projects by both emerging and mid-career Southern California, the series became the museum’s signature program. A committee consisting of artists, the director, and myself would solicit proposals and select five or six projects each year, then I would work with the artists to realize their projects.

In my five-year tenure as Director of Programs from 1990-95 I oversaw projects by Lynn Aldrich, Eleanor Antin, Anne Bray and Molly Cleator, Richard Jackson, Donald Krieger, William Leavitt, John Mandel, Susan Mogul, Linda Nishio, Ann Page and Leonard Bravo, Linda Roush, Sandra Rowe, Betye Saar, Mitchell Syrop, Megan Williams, Pat Ward Williams, Richard Wyatt and Bruce and Norman Yonemoto.

For descriptions and images these projects go to the Santa Monica Museum website:

To read my essay on the series, click here for a pdf.